VIVAPHARM® PVP K30 is the classic wet binder with optimal balance between adhesive strength and ease of handling. It is highly adhesive at low viscosity, thus offering the optimal balance between adhesive strength and ease of handling at a low use level of 2-5%. VIVAPHARM® PVP K30 has excellent solubility in water and a range of organic solvents, and is supplied as a free flowing powder with spherical particle morphology. This ensures rapid disersibility and ultimate flexibility in the solvent of choice. Due to its non-ionic property, it does not bear any risk of interaction with ionic APIs. 


  • High binding capacity – the classic binder for wet granulation at low concentrations (2-5%)
  • Excellent solubility in water, as well as a range of organic solvents for ultimate flexibility in processing options with respect to API solubility profile
  • Low viscosity grade, ensuring ease of handling
  • Dissolution and bioavailability enhancement of poorly soluble APIs

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