Lactose Free, Direct Compressible Tablet Binder

EMDEX® is a directly compressible, 100% water soluble, and lactose-free tablet binder. It is composed of a unique combination of glucose monohydrate and different polysaccharides derived from starch. When used in direct compression, EMDEX® shows superior flow, compaction, and tablet robustness. EMDEX® has a sweet taste, but is not as sweet as sucrose, making it ideal for semi-sweet formulations.

EMDEX® was designed for a wide variety of applications including: chewable tablets, ingestible tablets, dispersible tablets, effervescent tablets, and soluble tablets. It is also commonly used in veterinary applications.

EMDEX® is available GMO-free.

Benefits of Using EMDEX®

  • Superior flow, compaction, and tablet robustness in direct compression
  • 100% water soluble
  • Easy handling - does not stick to punches
  • Embossing/debossing capabilities
  • Lactose-free
  • NF compendia, eliminating regulatory hurdles
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    Brochure EMDEX®

    EMDEX® is a directly compressible, water-soluble tablet binder and filler. Its unique composition of 95 % glucose monohydrate and different oligosaccharides derived from starch is monographed under “dextrates” in the NF

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