Magnesium Stearate

Magnesium stearate is one of the most widely used excipients in the pharmaceutical industry. LUBRI-PREZ Magnesium Stearate effectively reduces the punch adhesion and die wall friction in tableting.

LUBRI-PREZ is plant based and complies with major pharmacopeias (USP/NF, Ph. Eur.) as well as regulations for nutraceutical applications (FCC, E470b). It is manufactured at JRS PHARMA’s joint venture partner Sudeep Pharma in Gujarat, India.


- Tightly specified PSD

- Clearly determined specific surface area

- Well defined and reproducible tapped density

Name of GradePSD Air Jet SievePSD MalvernSpecific Surface AreaStearic Acid
LUBRI-PREZ 2Max. 1% retained on 200#D50 between 7.0 µm and 11.0 µm6-10 m²/gMin. 60 %
LUBRI-PREZ 4Max. 5% retained on 200#D50 typically between 5.0 µm and 9.0 µm5-15 m²/gMin. 40%

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