Ready-to-Use Coating System, Multifunctional

Multifunctional Coating

VIVACOAT® seal is a clear Ready-to-Use Coating system based on shellac. It is dedicated for the use on nutritional supplements.

Why is VIVACOAT® seal a multifunctional coating? The performance of VIVACOAT® seal depends on the thickness of the applied film, i.e. the applied weight gain. As the homogeneity of the application depends on the shape of the substrate, the given levels can only be estimates and need to be checked individually.

0.5 – 1% Weight Gain:

Isolation, dust reduction, glossy apearance, swallow support
VIVACOAT® seal can be used as a clear top coat at a low weight gain of 0.5 – 1% weight gain.

This leads to a glossy finish of your tablet and provides benefits for your production and for patient compliance:

  • Less dust during packaging
  • Glossy appearance
  • Swallow support

1 – 2% Weight Gain:

Taste masking

By increasing the weight gain to 1 – 2 % VIVACOAT® seal shows excellent taste masking properties. For best customer compliance, it is important that an oral dosage form is organoleptically neutral. To cover the bitter or unpleasant taste of the ingredients, VIVACOAT® seal offers a perfect solution. Using conventional coating equipment, the easy application of VIVACOAT® seal enables high spray rates and gives competitive advantage to your product.

2 – 3% Weight Gain:

Moisture protection / odor masking
By increasing the weight gain to 2 – 3% VIVACOAT® seal shows excellent moisture protection.

Many ingredients are sensitive to moisture. Moisture can cause chemical degradation and / or physical changes to your ingredients. This is especially problematic in areas with high humidity or when the tablets are removed from their original packaging.
To improve stability and the shelf life of your nutritional supplement product VIVACOAT® seal is the perfect solution.

VIVACOAT® seal enables high spray rates and does not cause problems with tackiness.

> 4% Weight Gain:

Sealant against acidic fluids
By increasing the weight gain to 4% or higher VIVACOAT® seal starts to protect the stomach against irritating ingredients.

VIVACOAT® seal requires no neutralization. This enables an easy one-step reconstitution in warm water. Due to the high polymer content of the coating suspension, VIVACOAT® seal provides short process times. Time savings in development and production are achieved by a simple, fast and robust coating process.

Also beneficial are reduced raw material inventory and QC requirements.
For technical support in lab- and production scale please reach out to JRS Pharma global technical team.
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Brochure VIVACOAT® seal

VIVACOAT® is a robust film coating system which shows outstanding performance in both laboratory and production equipment.

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