Ready-to-Use Coating System

Customer Formulation Coating

The other types of VIVACOAT® are designed to offer a robust coating system at a very competitive price to your product development.

VIVACOAT® C offers contract manufacturing for your already existing coating formulations.

VIVACOAT® C covers

  • Contract production of your formulation
  • Optional: transfer from multi-step to one-step
  • Optional: improving the performance of existing coating formulations

State-of-the-Art Production Equipment

Homogeneity is the ultimate goal priority when producing a Ready-to-Use Coating System. The homogeneous distribution of liquids in a powder, and the smallest amounts of ingredients, can only be achieved by using state-of-the-art production equipment based on the latest mixing technology. Failures, especially with the distribution of the pigments, can easily be recognized on the tablet surface.

VIVACOAT® is produced with state-of-the-art equipment in a GMP environment by well-trained experts.

Batch to Batch Consistency and Color Guarantee

Color is the challenge for your coating.

Even minor changes in the color of the raw materials used can have an influence on the color of your coating. Once agreed on a specific color we guarantee that you receive the same color with every delivery.

This is controlled by IPC during the production. During the sampling process a specific VIVACOAT® film is created as the ”master”. During production every batch is compared to the original ”master” batch to avoid batch to batch color variations.

With every batch we guarantee that the color of the coating on your tablets is the same as supplied in the original request.

Cost Reduction

Changing from an in-house formulation to a VIVACOAT® Ready-to-Use Coating.

Each of your products will have its own calculation, a part of this will be the coating.

By using VIVACOAT® Ready-to-Use Coatings you can reduce your expenditure in R&D, administration, purchasing, quality assurance and production.

Give us the opportunity to offer a high quality product from our state-of-the-art production at a very competitive price.

VIVACOAT® as an alternative to in-house coatings

Please refer to VIVACOAT® – technical performance in this brochure.

Improving coating performance with VIVACOAT®

Please refer to VIVACOAT® – technical performance in this brochure.



Brochure VIVACOAT® C Pharma

VIVACOAT® is a robust film coating system which shows outstanding performance in both laboratory and production equipment.


Brochure VIVACOAT® C Nutra

Ready-to-Use Coating System for Nutritional Tablets

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