VIVAPHARM®  Alginates

European Algae Source and Production Quality

VIVAPHARM®  Alginates

Sodium Alginate, Calcium Alginate, and Alginic Acid

    Alginates are natural polymers extracted from a variety of brown seaweeds. These highly versatile hydrocolloids have applications for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, medical, and dental industries. The capability of selective binding of a number of multivalent cations gives alginates versatility and high performance in many gel formation applications.

Each of the VIVAPHARM® Alginates products can be tailor-made to meet the specific application requirements of our customers. Common applications for alginates include disintegration and pH-controlled release in tablets. Additionally, alginates can be used to form a "gel-raft" in anti-reflux applications. The gelling properties can also be used for creating flexible, clear and glossy film strips and capsule shells. Its  ion exchange properties make if effective as a wound- protective agent.

VIVAPHARM® Alginates are produced at Landerneau Marine Technologies SAS, located on the coast of Brittany, France. The brown algae grow on the continental shelf close to the production site, which enables the shortest possible routes of transport. Harvesting is regulated by local authorities to certain areas and to ensure optimal sustainability. By-products from the production process are re-used or recycled and used as fertilizer for local agricultural production.

Benefits of VIVAPHARM® Alginates

  •  Short lead times
  •  Manufactured in the EU
  •  Compliant with high regulatory standards (USP / Ph.Eur.)
  •  Accessible regulatory documents (DMF IV for excipients, CEP submitted)
  •  cGMP production standards for excipients confirmed by ANSM
  •  Sustainable, naturally sourced, clean label product
  •  Tailor-made products for specific requirements



Available Viscosity Ranges [1 %, 20 °C]

Available Granulometry
 [98 % through]

Function & Application


Sodium Alginate


Ultra low to high viscous grades covering a range of ~10 - 950 mPa.s

Various granulometries covering a range of 100 - 630 µm

USP/NF, Ph.Eur., E 401

Gelling and thickening agent: for controlled release (matrix tablets), microencapsulation and raft formation in anti-reflux applications. Provides film forming in filmstrips and can be applied for wound care.


Calcium Alginate

water-insoluble, swelling


160 µm

E 404

Tablet disintegration and wound care.


Alginic Acid

water-insoluble, swelling


160 µm

Ph.Eur., E 400

Swelling agent with high water binding capacity, is mainly applied for tablet disintegration.

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