Sodium Stearyl Fumarate

PRUV® is a tablet lubricant designed for formulations in which other lubricants lead to formulation and/or manufacturing challenges. As opposed to the frequently used lubricant, magnesium stearate, PRUV® offers the following advantages:

  • High degree of API compatibility*
  • Robustness to over-lubrication
  • No adverse effect on bioavailability
  • Improved appearance of effervescent solutions.

PRUV® helps to accelerate product development and is particularly well suited for high-speed direct compression of tablets.

*Reported API incompatibilities with magnesium stearate include: Azathioprin, Cefaclor, Cilazapril, Clopidogrelacetate, Dicofenac, Fosinopril, Ibuprofen, Ketorolac, Levofloxacin, Nifedipine, Omeprazole, Ramipril, and Trandolapril.


  • Improved drug stability
  • Faster dissolution rates
  • Harder tablets
  • Protection from over-blending
  • Faster formulation development and scale-up
  • Enhanced lubrication efficiency