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Powdered Cellulose

ARBOCEL®, powdered cellulose, is a plant-based functional filler. Powdered cellulose is chemically inert and is thus not metabolized by the human body. Because it is not digested, it has no functional caloric value. It is commonly used by formulators as an alternative to lactose. ARBOCEL®'s binding properties and natural fiber structure lead to stable tablets with low friability.

Various grades of ARBOCEL® are available. The course granular grade, ARBOCEL® A 300 provides excellent flow and the fine, fibrous grades, M 80 and P 290, offer improved binding properties. All grades exhibit low moisture absorption, assuring good shelf life stability.


  • 100% plant derived
  • Physiologically inert
  • Chemically inert
  • High plastic deformation
  • Low residual moisture content
  • High compressibility
  • Accelerated disintegration
  • Binding properties and fibrous structure, leading to stable tablets with low friability
  • Pesticide-free and herbicide-free
  • Free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), organic volatile impurities, and organic solvents

Powdered Cellulose, Ph. Eur., NF, JP, E 460(i), FCC


Average Particle Size by Laser Diffraction (µm)

Bulk Density (g/mL)

Main Application



0.20 – 0.24

Fine, fibrous grade, suitable for wet granulation.



0.27 – 0.33

Fine grade with increased density and improved flow. Suitable for wet granulation and direct compression



0.31 – 0.41

Coarse grade with excellent flow properties used in direct compression and for capsule fillings.

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