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VIVACOAT ® protect E

VIVACOAT® protect E - Acid Protection

VIVACOAT® protect E is a white Ready-to-Use enteric coating system based on the globally accepted Metha-crylic Acid-Ethyl Acrylate copolymer (1:1). 

VIVACOAT® protect E dissolves at pH values exceeding 5.5. It was developed to protect acid-sensitive APIs against gastric fluids. Likewise, it protects the stomach against irritating actives by delaying drug delivery until the dosage form reaches the small intestine. 

The VIVACOAT® protect E system requires no neutralization. This enables an easy one-step reconstitution in water.

Due to the high polymer content of the coating suspension, VIVACOAT® protect E provides short process times.

VIVACOAT® protect E is the ideal solution for delayed release oral dosage forms. Time savings in developement and production are achieved by a simple, fast and robust coating process. Also beneficial are reduced raw material inventory and QC requirements.

We recommend VIVACOAT®  PS-1P-041 as sub-coat formulation, if the active ingredient has to be separated from the enteric polymer. For colored tablets, pigmented VIVACOAT®  A formulations are ideally suited to be used as a top-coat.

For technical support in lab- and production scale please reach out to JRS Pharma global technical team. 
Contact us to obtain your sample of VIVACOAT®  protect E.

Product Performance Profile 

Recon Level [%]Inlet Temp [°C]Tablet Bed Temp [°C]Exhaust Temp. [°C]Total Spray Rate [g/min]Pan Speed [rpm]
Fully Perforated Pan, Batch size 800 g205830 - 3335 - 382 - 37 - 9
Conventional Pan, Batch size 2000 - 3000 g20n.a.35 - 38n.a.10 - 15ca. 5
Semi Perforated Pan, Batch size 18 - 20 kg2050 - 6032 - 3446 - 4955 - 603 - 4
Fully Perforated Pan, Batch size 18 - 20 kg2045 - 5530 - 3342 - 4460 - 703 - 4
Fully Perforated Pan, Batch size 100 - 120 kg2045 - 5530 - 3342 - 44180 - 1902 - 3
Fully Perforated Pan, Batch size 300 - 400 kg2045 - 5530 - 3342 - 44700 - 8001 - 2

Solid Content 20%

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