Poly Vinyl Alcohol

Coating Polymer

Poly vinyl alcohol is a well-established polymer in the pharmaceutical industry. Due to its unique properties, it is used in various applications. The most widely used applications are tablet coating and wet granulation, but PVA also plays an important role in solubility enhancement, transdermal patches and emulsions.
VIVAPHARM® PVA 05 fine is a water soluble synthetic polymer.

It is synthetized by polymerization of vinyl­acetate and subsequent partial hydrolysis.

Physico-Chemical Properties

• Excellent Film Former

• High Moisture & Gas Barrier

• Highly Adhesive at Low Viscosity

• Soluble in Water

• High Purity

• Chemically Stable

• Non-toxic


• Tablet Coating

• Moisture and Oxygen Barrier

• Wet Granulation

• Hotmelt Extrusion

• Thickener

• Emulsions

• Transdermal Patches

Benefits of Using VIVAPHARM® PVA

Tablet Coating:

• Excellent Moisture Barrier Performance

• Good Odor Masking Ability

• Oxygen Barrier

• Low Viscosity Enabling High Solid Content in Coating

• Suspensions

• Good Adhesion to Tablets

Wet Granulation:

• High Productivity because of Low Viscosity

• High Adhesive Strength Enables Low Binder

• Concentration

• High Tablet Hardness and Low Friability Prevention of Capping especially at High Drug Loads

• No Peroxides

Poly vinyl alcohol

Ph. Eur. / Polyvinyl Alcohol, NF / Partially Hydrolyzed Polyvinyl Alcohol, JPE, E 1203, FCC, GRAS


Degree of Hydrolysis (mol - %)

Viscosity (4 %) [mPas]

Main Application


85 - 89

4.6 - 6.0

Tablet coating, wet granulation




The main characteristics of VIVAPHARM PVA fine® 05 are degree of hydrolysis and degree of polymerization. Solubility is controlled by the degree of hydrolysis and is highest at 88 mol% hydrolysis.

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