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JRS Pharma is a leading manufacturer of excipients, offering a complete portfolio of solutions for the global health science industry. Our excipients portfolio includes: high functionality excipients, binders, disintegrants, lubricants, functional fillers, thickeners, stabilizers, carriers, and coatings. In addition to our wide range of excipients, we offer excellent technical support and biopharma services to address the needs and formulation challenges of our customers.

We are dedicated to serving the health science industry worldwide. Founded in 1878, the JRS Group has over 140 years of experience. Our R&D centers, production sites, and sales offices, as well as our technical support team and award-winning customer service team offer our customers the most cost-effective and fast time-to-market solutions.

JRS Group

JRS PHARMA is a Member of the Globally Active JRS Company Group.

Quality Assurance

To ensure the quality of our excipients, we manufacture them using the highest quality raw materials and in adherence to GMP standards as published by IPEC (International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council) in the Good Manufacturing Guide for Bulk Pharmaceutical Excipients . Our full time Quality Assurance staff performs in-process physical testing unique to JRS Pharma and also performs routine functional performance testing on selected materials. We are cGMP and ISO 9001 compliant/certified and our excipients meet NF, JP, and Ph. Eur. requirements.

Industries We Serve



To best serve the pharmaceutical industry, we offer the most complete portfolio of excipients for solid and liquid dosage forms. Our innovative and highly functional excipients, along with our technical expertise, help our customers develop unique, cost-effective, and fast-time-to-market pharmaceutical formulations. Additionally, to meet the growing need for biopharma services, we have added Celonic and ProJect Pharmaceuticals to the JRS Pharma Family.



We are committed to sourcing our raw materials from sustainable sources. Thus, our wood-based products are derived from sustainable forests and our fiber-based products are developed out of responsible agriculture. We are mindful of the wide range of concerns in today’s nutraceutical market, which is why we are pleased to offer non-GMO alternatives for many of our products. Additionally, a variety of our products are allergen-free, Kosher-certified, and Halal-certified. We manufacture our products with the highest quality standards, resulting in excellent natural ingredient solutions for the development and manufacture of nutraceutical products.

Contract Pharma

Contract Pharma

We are dedicated to offering products that increase speed to market, provide ease of scale-up, improve content uniformity, and optimize formulations. Our products combat formulation development challenges by making manufacture more economically feasible, while decreasing overall development time.

Animal Health

Animal Health

To meet the needs of the growing global animal health industry, we provide solutions for custom delivery systems and dosage forms. Our animal health product portfolio includes stabilizers, as well as nutritional and functional fibers, for veterinary medicine and animal health supplements. These innovative products coupled with our excellent technical support add value to the development and manufacture of animal health products for livestock and companion animals.

Customer Benefits


We pride ourselves in the high quality of our products and services. To ensure product quality, we manufacture our excipients using the highest quality raw materials. Our dedicated team of Quality Assurance staff ensures that all products adhere to GMP standards. We are cGMP and ISO 9001 compliant/certified and our excipients meet NF, JP, and Ph. Eur. requirements.


We are dedicated to the development of new excipient products that provide solutions to oral dosage form development challenges. Our innovations include: PROSOLV® SMCC, PROSOLV® EASYtab SP, PROSOLV® EASYtab Nutra, PROSOLV® ODT G2, PRUV®, EMDEX®, ARBOCEL®, and VIVASTAR®.


With excipients developed specifically for direct compression tableting, regional production facilities, and excellent quality assurance, our products drive down manufacturing, QA/QC, and R&D costs, ensuring an excellent price-performance ratio.


Our goal is ecological, as well as, economical sustainability. We are committed to meeting high ecological standards - from the selection of raw materials to the use of environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Reliability / Global Risk Management

With modern production facilities and strict quality management procedures, as well as our global storage and distribution network, we ensure efficiency and reliability.


Our production and storage facilities located worldwide guarantee supply chain security and a global logistics network.

Worldwide Production Network

With several specialized production sites on 3 continents, we guarantee maximum supply chain security.

Global Services

Our sales offices worldwide ensure a secure and cost-efficient supply, as well as local sales support.

Biopharma Services

In order to meet the growing demands of the health science industry, biotech services, Celonic and ProJect Pharmaceuticals, have joined the JRS Pharma Family. The addition of these services allows us to offer a more complete portfolio of solutions.



Celonic® is a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) offering the development and manufacture of biotherapeutics including the development of high yield production cell lines, up-stream and down-stream processes, full GMP analytics, and manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in different scales and systems of up to 1000 L cell cultures. Celonic® also performs stability studies of drug substances and products.

ProJect Pharmaceutics

ProJect Pharmaceutics

ProJect Pharmaceutics transforms proteins, peptides, and ADCs/Cytotoxics into pioneering drugs. With an expertise in the design, optimization, and customization of pharmaceutical formulations, ProJect delivers and transfers these formulations from the pilot lab to large-scale manufacturing under a secure GMP environment.

Our History

Customer Support

Customer Support

The efficiency of our award-winning customer service team has resulted in 100% satisfactory ratings from some of the top pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies in the world. Our team works effectively with our customers to ensure open communication, quality products and service, and on-time deliveries.

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