SEM Atlas

Scanning Electron Micrographs (SEM) Atlas

SEM Images

To the naked eye, most of our products are simply white powders with only marginal differences between the various types and grades.

It is only under the electron microscope that these products reveal their amazing variety in terms of morphology, as well as particle shape and size.

In-depth knowledge of these particle properties is essential for every formulator starting a new development project. Achieving a good match between the active and inactive ingredients' powder properties is the key to success for any tableting or capsule filling application. Proper excipient selection enables good blend uniformity and flowability of the powder blend. Ultimately, this translates into consistent tablet weight and high content uniformity of the active ingredient.

To enable easier comparison between the individual grades, we have paid particular attention to maintaining the same magnification across the micrographs presented in the downloadable SEM Gallery. 

The SEM Gallery was designed to provide guidance to the formulator in terms of making rational excipient selections. 

Beyond this practical aspect, however, we hope that you share our appreciation for the beauty of the microcosmos of excipients.

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