Pectins are versatile biopolymers found in the cell walls of vascular plants. Manufactured from citrus peels, VIVAPHARM® Pectins work as a natural thickener, stabilizer, and gelling agent.

JRS PHARMA offers a full range of high-quality citrus Pectins, including pure Pectin for pharmaceutical applications, as well as standardized and buffered Pectins for nutraceutical applications.

VIVAPHARM ® Pectins are produced in JRS Silvateam Ingredients’ state-of-the-art facility in Rende, Italy. Thanks to this location in southern Italy,
are made from locally sourced fresh citrus peels, with additional dried peels imported to ensure supply security.

JRS Silvateam Ingredients is a joint venture between Italian Silvateam Spa and German JRS group, two international family-owned companies.


  • Sustainable, naturally sourced, clean-label product

  • Vegan alternative to gelatin for increased consumer compliance
  • Flavor enhancer, providing a pleasant mouthfeel

  • Achieves effective gelling at low dosage levels





Pectin (USP)

- Pure citrus pectin 
- Provides water and moisture control and adhesion
- Added to medical products as dietary fiber

VIVAPHARM® Pectin Nutra 150

Pectin (E440i, FCC), Dextrose

- Classic unbuffered pectin for nutraceutical confections
- Standarized at 150 USA SAG
- Slow set gelling agent

VIVAPHARM® Pectin Nutra SB

Pectin (E 440(i), FCC), Dextrose, Potassium sodium tartrate (E337, FCC), Sodium polyphosphate (E 452(i), FCC), Silicon dioxide (E 551, FCC)

- Convenient grade for nutraceutical confections
- Buffer salts already included

VIVAPHARM® Pectin Nutra GR

Pectin (E 440(i), FCC), Potassium sodium tartrate (E337, FCC), Trisodium Citrate (E 331 (iii), FCC), Dextrose

- Convenient grade for nutraceutical confections
- More chewy, les brittle texture - Ideal for gelatin replacement

VIVAPHARM® Pectin Nutra HS

Pectin (E 440(i), FCC), Trisodium Citrate (E 331 (iii), FCC), Sucrose

- Convenient grade for nutraceutical confections
- Ideal in combination with gelatin to decrease the melting point

For cusomized solutions as well as low methoxyl conventional and amidated pectins please do not hesitate to contact

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